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Sustainable Practices at Peak 


Our educational program provides children with time to explore the rich natural environment and resources we have actively arranged our centres.  We are committed to respecting the land and our surrounds.​

  • Educating our children about being environmentally responsible is an extremely valued element of our program. We provide ways for children to be creative, empowered and learn positive ways to care for our environment. Our services aim to teach environmental responsibility to our children (ACECQA).

  • We embed sustainable practices in our daily program and constantly reflect these practices. We aim to build lifelong skills and provide numerous learning opportunities surrounding sustainability some of these experiences are

    • Gardening Clubs,  caring for our fishy friends, growing seeds, worm farming, composting, energy saving, recycling reducing waste and encouraging initiatives like - taking 3 for the sea.

    • Make sure you check out the sustainable practises when your in our centres! We would love your input and feedback if you have a green thumb :)

For more information as well as tips and ideas you can use at home click on the images below

Introducing Sustainibility to kids.PNG
Teaching kids to be sustainable.PNG
growing minds.PNG
worm farm.png
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